Did you register your intent to provide financial services in regulated emissions units with ASIC before 30 June this year?

If you did ASIC now reminds you that you have until 31 October 2012 to apply for an Australian financial services licence (AFSL), or vary your existing licence.

If you don’t lodge an application by 31 October 2012 you must stop offering financial services in regulated emissions units to clients. Operating a financial services business without the appropriate AFSL has severe implications, including banning and disqualification.

How can Certainty help?

It’s important to ensure your application and supporting documents meet ASIC’s requirements; applications that are incomplete, or do not sufficiently detail your ability to meet your licensing obligations will be rejected by ASIC, and could delay your ability to provide financial services.

Certainty can provide assistance in submitting your applications to ASIC, including preparation of all proof and supporting documents to ensure you meet ASIC’s requirements.

We can also assist you in understanding all your regulatory obligations, and ensure you have systems, policies and procedures in place to comply with them.

Contact us on 02 8324 5300 or email enquiries@certaintycompliance.com.au

For further information:

See ASIC media release: 12-213MR

Key dates:

  • 31 October 2012 – if you are registered, you must apply for an AFSL by 31 October 2012, or cease providing financial services after this date
  • 31 December 2012 – the registration of every registered person is cancelled on 31 December 2012
  • From 1 January 2013 – you must not provide financial services unless you hold an AFSL